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DIY-Hair Straightening Gel

Hello everyone! I wasn’t active for a long time because of my exams and stuff but I am back! So I’m up with a natural hair straightening/smoothening gel that all girls crave for!



So all you will need is – 1/4 cup of flax seeds

– 2 tbsp of aloe vera gel

– 2 cups of water

– any essential oil (I used coconut oil)

All you have to do is add the flax seeds in water and boil it on a low/medium flame and stir until thick consistency. Once you’re done with the boiling part, you want to strain the gel.

Let it cool for a minute or two then add 2 tbsp of aloe vera gel and 1 tbsp of essential oil and mix.

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Damp your hair with warm water to open up the hair follicles and apply this gel all over your hair (including scalp) and leave it for at least 2 hours. Wash hair with cold water followed by a mild conditioner.

Oh and not to forget, make sure your hair is clean enough before applying this.

I washed my hair the day before I applied this gel.

PS- The photos aren’t mine.

Enjoy! xx


Celery Leaves: Straightener

Hello world! Today I have a celery hack haha, I want all of you to know about the secret of celery.
Yes, Celery leaves can be used for straightening the hair! Dont believe? Give it a try!
In today’s world every girl is struggling to get straighter hair without damaging it but is that possible? Yes, It absolutely is!!
I love this one (because I love straight hair)


If you have a juicer, it’s the easiest thing you can do. Put in celery leaves in the juicer and add some water to it. Keep this juice in a spray bottle. Then spray down your hair, comb and let it settle for an hour. And then shampoo and condition your hair as usual! If you dont see the results soon, try it using once every week. I’m sure you will love this.


Please do comment your views if you try this!
Lots of love xx ❤

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Potatoes: Your skin’s best friend!

Hi everyone! Today I’m up with something different. Guess what? It’s a potato. Yes, potatoes are the answer to all your worries. I love potatoes and I’m sure you are going to love it too. I’m going to list a few smart uses of potatoes.


1. Removal of dark circles.
Potatoes are a kind of under eye brightener, you can always apply potato or potato juice with a cotton ball on the affected area and banish dark circles.


2. Treating wrinkles.
Potatoes are considered to have
effective anti-ageing property. So using potato juice on your face on a regular basis will help you to get rid of the wrinkles.

3. Treating dark spots.
Potatoes are known to fade away dark spots and can get you a flawless skin. I usually massage my face with potato juice and keep it for atleast 5 minutes and then wash it off with warm water.


4. Treating sunburn.
Here in India, it is way too difficult to not get sunburnt and also many people are struggling to get rid of sunburns. Applying potato juice on the affected areas will give you a soothing & cooling sensation and also it will diminish suntan.


Hope you all enjoy this and also enjoy potatoes xx

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Natural Homemade Scrub

Hello! I’m here with a new beauty secret. So this time I’m here with a 100% natural scrub. Believe it or not, it makes your dull skin look brighter. Though I’ve only used this once so far but I actually felt the difference!


All you need is 1 or 2 tbsp of baking soda and enough rose water to make a fine paste. Apply this paste on your skin (I will prefer a patch test on your skin before applying) and leave it for one minute (not more than 1 minute) and gently scrub using finger tips (in circular motion) and wash it off with lukewarm water. Pat dry and apply a moisturizer. Do this once or twice a week. Stay natural!

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Want to make a personal toner? You got this.

It’s just a step away! You just need a bottle of glycerine, rose water and a lemon. All you have to do is mix glycerine and rose water in equal quantities and add 2-3 drops of lemon in it. You can keep


this in a spray bottle for convenience. Use it before sleeping. Trust me, it makes your skin glow the very next morning!

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